T.M. Designworks chain guide

Who has put one on and is it worth it? I am hoping that I don't have to take the rear wheel off, just bolt on. Kinda got tired of hearing the chain noise and I hope this helps it out, plus it's blue. :thumbsup:

It just bolts on. Mine is a 2 pc design you can place the inner part between the chain and swingarm and then the outer part around the chain :thumbsup:

I've ordered the blue TM factory kit two times from TT Store and both times it has been on back order and I haven't got it. I will try for the 3rd time. Code is TMDW_YCP-K50 05/06 Factory Edition Yamaha blue kit (slider, roller and guide) $151.95


The only way to go, they last a very very long time.

They do last a long time and well worth the money,but the chain slap drives me nuts! :thumbsup:

The chain guide bolted on no problem, just 3 bolts. However, taking off the swingarm rub plate the bottom allen head screw stripped and I can't get it out. I am so sick of Yamaha and their crappy bolts and screws. Any tips on getting out a stripped allen head screw? I already tried to drill it out and use a screw out with no luck. Help?

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