Looking for Moose XCR Jacket

I'm looking for last year's style (anorak style) of the Moose XCR Competition jacket. I've called over 20 mailorder places, but everyone is sold out and waiting for shipment of the new '02 style (it's now a jacket rather than a pullover). I'm sure there are still some old style jackets out there sitting on the racks at local dealers, but unfortunately there are none around here.

I just thought that since there are so many of us here on TTalk, that someone might happen to run across one of these jackets at their local dealer. I'd sure appreciate a heads-up if anybody sees one of these anywhere, specifically a blue or gray one, size large.

Thanks, Tim

Ask Glenn to sell you his. He's always selling something.

Everythings for sale, Rock.

Waiting for your next dirt bike sale. I'm first in line!

You guys sure are a lot of help.... rolleyes.gif!

Hey Rock, if you're really looking to upgrade, I saw a killer deal on a sweet little Honda Trail 90!!!

Actually Tim, I'm looking for a Trail 55. Fits my inseam perfect!


I have a size L, blue/black Moose Jacket. I believe it's an XCR, it's the pull-over type. It's the one that ran about 2 bills. I've worn it twice. I tore a small hole in the left upper arm which I had repaired (A tree harpooned me). If you are interested I'd sell it for a reasonable price. I don't wear it because it doesn't get cold enough, often enough for me.




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Bump it up grin.gif

Saw in this months Dirt Bike where Donelson Cycles has the MSR, Gore-tex, ISDE jacket for sale ($119).



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Thanks Bill, that sounds like it's worth checking out.

Well, I thought I had one from YZ Abuser, but his ended up being an XL instead of a Large.

So, I'm still looking. There's gotta be one out there somewhere!!! Anybody?

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