what bars and riser

I ride a 98 wr400 and I am 6'4, 215 what can I do to help with bar position I ride mostly single track here in idaho

The ProTaper Pastrana Freestyle bars are pretty tall. Since you have to buy clamps anyway; shop for a forward mount setup.

Most guys over 6 feet have the same complaint, especially since you'll spend a lot of time standing up if you ride challenging terrain. These seem to be pretty popular on this forum


I can't vouch for them (made my own), but you definitely want something that moves the bars up and forward. Risers are a topic that comes up all the time around here - check out the "Search" feature in the menu bar at the top right of the screen to get the full scoop. :thumbsup:

Will all the cables fit with the forward and ahead risers? im 6'4 and will need these 4sure

I run the 1.5" forward and up risers, all cables are fine except I flip the throttle cables so they are under the bar versus over. I have been running these since 2000, with no problems.

I have the 1.5"'s on my WR400 and wr450 and 1" on my xr 600. all bikes are running Renthal Jimmy Button High bars too.

Riding crouched over sucks and takes a ton of energy. These type of risers are much cheaper then getting new clamps etc.

Some ( I suspect short guys) will argue that the riser creates a higher center of gravity and makes for an incorrect riding position.

Get one you will love it, and be able to rider longer and more aggresively while standing.


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