Fuel Mileage

Finally got a chance to ride some distance. Ran hard for a total of 45 miles on back "mountain" roads today. Mostly wide open throttle in 3-5 the entire time. Some down hill partial throttle, and some small 100' bank climbing. I used 1.25 gallons. 168 main, JD Blue #4, opened and cut out air box, AIS gone, PMB insert, everything else stock, 05 WR. Might have been able to use 1.5 gallons max if in race conditions.

Sounds about right, 45 miles / 1.25 Gal = 36 mpg. I ride mostly desert and use 35 mpg as a rule of thumb to figure how much gas I have left on a long ride. Once you calibrate your riding style, its usually pretty accurate.

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