key on wr?

Anyone ever put a key on their bike so it cant be easily stolen??


In Australia they come with a ignition and key as standard, this is all done by Yamahas engineering division.

Same here...key ignition is standard and retro fitted by dealer with genuine Yamaha Part that must be listed some where and thus easily obtained and fitted by home mechs. Dont know the part number though and dont fancy dismantling mine to find it.... :thumbsup:

I'd love a keyed ignition vs. the button. The button doesn't seem like it will hold up to some abuse.

I have installed a key to my WR 2006.

The place is not the most appropriate but good.



I am afraid your key placement makes it quite vulnerable in case of a crash... I like your light protector though

Hey Tim! I didn't know you hung around the WR section of Thumper talk! I know... you have always wanted a yamachuckle WR, right? :thumbsup:


I totaly forgot you bought a new WR. Well.... How does it go?


I totaly forgot you bought a new WR. Well.... How does it go?


Bikes awesome Bob! When we riding again? Here's a pic of her(quality sucks)...


So where does the factory mount the key?

yea, I want one,

Best place to get key??

I have a ttr for my wife I would like to put one on as well. I hear Moab has one of the highest crime rates in the nation. And look forward to freqin there often

I should have bookmarked the site, 'cause I found one a couple days ago...sorry guys, it didn't fit my YZ so I didn't commit it to memory :thumbsup:

Do a search in this forum, someone here used a TTR switch and it plugged right into the WR harness where the button plugged in. If I remember right, he even set it up with a nuetral light.

So I found people use the ttr125le key or crf230 key.

Any pros to one over the other?

Gonna do this this week.

I think a key would be more user friendly when using a number plate as long as you could fabricate a key mount like the one on the ttr225. Plus im going to need one to keep my nephew off my bike. I will call the TT Store on Monday and see if they can track one down for us!

So where does the factory mount the key?

Mine was placed (by dealer) where the push button normally goes:

Hope these photos work??

One with key inserted:


And without:


It is very simple and proabably easily shorted/hotwired but definitely more secure than a button... :thumbsup:

I checked the manual - no mention of key

That looks like the key that comes standard on the quads does it not? :thumbsup:

I lock my bike with a heavy padlock on the back sprocket.

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