Finally got mine!

2006 YZ450F limited edition, man this thing is gorgeous. 38 year old men shouldn't act like this.:thumbsup:

I spent the evening in the garage taking pictures and having some brews admiring the tuning fork company's lastest greatest.

It is almost too pretty to ride.......Almost! Fit and finish are wonderful, except for the casting on the water pump cover, ugh!

Still lots of snow around here. Going to go break the beast in this weekend.

I have had to sit here all winter and listen to all of you lucky bastages who live in a warmer climate who have had your bikes for months now. Thanks for getting the jetting figured out for me though!:thumbsup:

$6450 + $25 borough tax=$6475 out the door.

Picked up 5 quarts of oil and a filter for the break-in process

A handful of jets are on the way, whew this thing is lean stock

Vortex sprockets and a good Rk chain on the way, I am amazed that they put such a crappy chain on a bike with this much stock bling (titanium, pro-tapers, etc) on it.

Twin air filters on the way. Hour meter on the way. Fuel adjuster screw adapter on way!

Interested to see what this front end push thing is all about...then I'll decide on different triple clamps. I have a boat load of different Dunlops coming (773's, 952's and 756's)

It is going to be a great season!

Awesome news. They are beautiful bikes, especially the yellow ones, IMHO. When I uncrated mine, the neighborhood kids all came over and admired it as did my wife. Afraid to get it dirty. What tracks do you ride up there? I read the article Dave Pingree wrote in Racer X for the track in Fairbanks, I think it was called Polar Roller or something like that. I lived in Kodiak and raced on the local track but didn't make it to the mainland for any riding.

Congrats again, the spring thaw should be coming soon...


I accidentally double posted this. someone responded while i was trying to delete.


I saw the article too. :confused: overall

I appreciated the exposure it gave to Alaska but think very little of David Pingree as a rider or as a writer! In the article, I recall alot of whining about prices and his ramblings about his tourist experiences.The tiny blurb he wrote about the actual racing, he got practically every fact about racing, the organization and the officials wrong. I mean if you are going to do an article like this, take the time to get it right.

He also failed to mention that the local experts he was racing against were in a championship battle and most likely CHOSE to let him go rather than battle with him and risk throwing away a state title (he was there for a single weekend). I watched the race and he actually struck another rider to make the pass stick. For someone who has once raced at the highest level, he was marginally faster than our best. I can dig up the video, if any one cares to doubt me.

I guess we should all be gracious and thankful to be in a national magazine though right? :thumbsup::thumbsup:

He did hit the nail on the head as far as the great dirt at Polar Roller goes though. It is sweet and we all look forward to the 4th of July racing way up there.

Ak motocross is all about family. We are all very tight knit, for the amount of time we are able to ride (6 months or so), I think we can haul the mail pretty well. Not many of us are going to ever go big time and that is ok with us. WE are in it for the family time and the fellowship. It is a great way to spend a summer in our beautiful state.

We have 5 tracks currently with more on the way. I ride all of them.

take care and thanks again for the nice comments

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