Flywheel Weight???

Anybody tried a 10 once flywheel weight yet on there 06 450? Not sure if they are even out yet, if so where did you get it?


I am waiting on a weight as well. Steahly hasn't released them yet...i don't think. I will try either a 12 or 14oz weight.

Just curious, what would that do for your bike performance wise?

I would be interested in these results as well. I just purchased an 06 yzf450 and put 3 hours on it yesterday on some tight trails and open tracks. I did catch myself having to use the clutch a lot in the tight stuff for fear of it stalling on me.

I would assume the flywheel weight would make it harder to kick start? I am not a big guy (5'7" 155) and although I never had a problem kicking it, I don't want to cross that line of easy to difficult.

Any comments welcome.

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