2006 Baja 500 pre run info

There will be a free, thats right, free pit stop for pre runners out on the course for the upcoming Baja 500 off road race in Baja California this coming May. :thumbsup: Location to be announced as the race gets closer and the map comes out. We ran a free pit stop for pre runners at the San Felipe 250 and it was a success. Welder, radio, small amount of tools, m/c tubes, emergency fuel, barbecue cooking, water and soda, smiling faces and lively banter. Both Saturdays before the race. Drop off your pre run fuel or leave your vehicles for the day while you pre run. :thumbsup: PM me for details. Steny

Just bumping it up for the weekend crowd. :thumbsup:

I'm there, keep us posted!

PM me for our email notification address lists on where we will be located. :thumbsup: Steny

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