06' Works Connection Radiator Braces

I just put on my 06' WC radiator braces. Excellent product and easy installation. I think they are significantly stronger than any other WC design because of the cage setup. You have to cut the white radiator guard on the front a little and mine isn't perfect, but overall it is a great item. I ordered them directly from WC, not cheap but I needed them.

Are they better than the ones for the 426? I was debating if they were really worth it.

pics please

I don't have any pics but you can go the WC website and see them on the 06' bike. The reason the 06' braces or so much different/better is because they could not bolt them to the gas tank mount like on earlier 450/426 bikes. Instead they designed a cage around the entire radiator and used the radiator mounting bolts to hold it on; very clean and barley even noticeable that it is on there. I had already push my left radiator in some before I got the braces. If you have an 06' I really recommend them.

JUst installed mine. Awesome fit and really seems like they are bomb proof. :thumbsup:

i ordered mine wednesday, and got it friday morning, installed them, friday night at the track in the trailer, rode with them sat-monday. like what was said before there light weight, and you can't even notice them! there a bit expensive, but well worth it!

$100 :thumbsup: I thought they would be cheaper....do they have cheaper ones out there???

I just rode with mine for the first time Sunday, and I'm glad i got them! I took a digger in a whoop section and probably would have been those low hanging radiators

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