Just started conversion...

No, not religion...

I just started to convert my YZ to a street legal machine...I'm going for the ultimate minimalist kit. I don't need to really see at night, since the streets here are pretty well lighted anyway. As a result, I am going to rig up a complete battery system (so I don't have to fuss w/ the stator) to run a simple led tail and led headlight and the horn. I plan on just simply charging the battery at home once a week or so. That's it. I just want to be able to ride it up to school and back, a little around town, and between trails and tracks. I'm pretty excited. I'm hoping to get it done for under $150.

:thumbsup: Anyway, I will be taking pics and such of the process in case any of you in the less strict states are interested in doing the same. :thumbsup:

I will warn you right now that I have to do it piece-by-piece though since I don't have $150 to just by all the stuff right now. It will probably take me a couple weeks and some OT at work, but I'll come up w/ the extra $$ to get this thing on, but I'll keep ya'll posted.

Just so you know if you don't have $150 to buy parts to convert it all at once right now your gonna be a little dissapointed when you try to get tags and what not. I'm not sure on the laws in your state but you must have insurance, tags, inspection sticker, and county/city decal to ride on the street in VA. Insurance is $600 a year for me on a RC51(sportbike), tags are $32 a year, taxes on the title crap was $75, inspection $15, county decal $28. Then DOT tires gonna run you another $115 or so. So check it out before you change your mind.


I've checked into it all. I already have the $$ for that saved up...you are getting ripped though man. It is $80 for license (tags), inspection $6, DOT tires (hehe, my inspection guy will let my knobbies pass...That will at least buy me some time to find some used rims that I can switch back and forth), and insurance for me is only $182 for the year! Total = $268, which I have saved from my state tax return.

Thanks for the heads-up though...

I've now purchased everything but the battery, which I will be getting tomorrow. Set-up so far $99.76. Battery is going to be about $15, and then I need to buy a little bit of wire (maybe $5 or so). So far so good.

BTW, I guess I lucked out that I didn't have to buy a car for the 4 months I lived in Roanoke! Sounds like they take you for every penny your worth!

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