2003 WR450 Jetting / HELP GET THE BOG OUT!!!!

I Have an 03 wr450 that I bought new in 2003. After purchasing the bike I did all of the mods / grey wire / open air box / etc. etc. etc. My problem is the bog or hesitation you get when you let of the throttle quick and then try to get back on the throttle. It will fall on its nose everytime, and then comes to life in an instant when you are all ready out of shape because it bogged. I hate ridding it. The bike, since it was new will barely start with the electric start. It is because of the jetting I am sure. I have installed a JD Jet Kit which helped some. I have changed the leak jet by 10 both ways and adjusted the air screw. I can't get the bog out.

I am located in Weat Virginia. If anyone knows any credible mechanics that can get this bike to run right I will bring them some work tonight. Please send me there name and lacation and phone or e-mail address

I'll give you 10 bucks for it...

OK... OK.. 20 bucks..

All kiding aside, My new 06 did the same thing. Hard to start and all. Before and after the mods. I'm fairly certain the leak jet will do nothing for the starting.

Once I installed a 168 MJ and JD red at #4 position, Starting is one crank of the throttle, (as a prime), hit the starter while choked and it comes right to life. Every time. Do not give it throttle while starting liem a 2 stroke.

The best thing I did to remove the bog was the remove the 'slop' from the AP linkage. A 10 minute adjustment, It worked great.

Take a look at my signature line. This setup works great for me, no bog or hesitation at all, the bike rips. I made no changes to stock jetting except MJ, PJ and JD needle and its clip position. I am using the blue needle and ride at 1500 to 3000 feet in elevation. I also installed a power now on my carb, dont know if it helped much. The items that made the biggest change was after market exhaust and JD jetting.

Dont be so sure on the electric start working any better after jetting, mine completly let go about year after owning the bike bought new, something to do with the windings or brushes in it. I removed mine because the bike starts real easy.

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