Broke Spoke

Can one of my fellow YZ'ers hook me up with a rear wheel spoke? I broke one last weekend and they want $60 for a whole set at the dealer parts counter. I only need one and it's off the rear inside, 4mm thick and about 20cm long. It goes on the 19in. rear of my '01 YZ426. If you're a wheel-builder and you've got one laying around I'd be happy pay you for the spoke plus shipping. Thanks ~Mark

Don't you just hate that, Chapparal Yamaha tried that crap with me, but I found another dealer more than willing to sell me some spokes. I unfortunately was attending a race at Glenn Helen and got my front wheel in some Hondas foot peg, lost three spokes. It was a two day event and I tried to fix the bike for the second event but those idiots wouldn't budge. The next dealership a town or two over helped me out. They broke into a complete 60 dollar kit sold me the ones I needed. They didn't know what to charge me, so I gave them 20 bucks and took six, just incase I had to pass that Honda the next day. Shop around, some dealers are actually helpful and really don't want to rape and pillage everyone

East Coast wheels sell individual spokes. I bough one for like 3 bucks from them. Just tell them to put it in an envelope and you probably wont be charged much for shipping. (i was charged 47 cents)

Hey i just broke one of my spokes a few weeks ago and i ending up buying the hole kit. If send me your name and address and stuff ill send you a couple.

or i can put them on ebay which might be a little easier if you have paypal.

just name a price for however many you want. :thumbsup:

Honda sells them seperately. The CRF spoke is the same as the YZF.

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