ARRGH! Chain derailment!

Well I just started up my '03 for the first time in about 8 weeks. It was running rich. I adjusted the chain and did a quick up and down ride in the neighborhood (total riding time under 2 mins) My new stubby breather hose had started to leak gas at the top of the hill so I turned around and started heading back down. About 30 yds away from my house a piece that holds my frame guards on vibrated off and fell into the front sprocket. Needless to say my chain derailed. Luckily the only damage is a broken case saver and a chewed up rub block. Anyone else had a problem like this before? Anyone have an idea as to how to get new case saver??

I think I've seen case savers in the rockymountain catalog. They might have them also on their web site.

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