Got my new bike!


Got my new brand new 2006 YZ450F Special Edition. As some may know I was supposed to get the blue one that I ordered, but it didn't come, and my dad was pissed cause the guy said it would be here today. So we got the SE one for no extra charge, and we got a pair of Alpinestar Tech 8's for free too. After my dad said give me free boots and that bike or I want my 6,900 dollars back that I paid cash for and we will take our money else-where and buy a Honda (they don't sell).

After that they talked for about 30 minutes with all there bosses, it became into a union meeting in there little office, and the guy comes out, says pick any boot, and we got the SE bike, they said they hate to lose us as a customer (we bought from them before, but my dad was pissed this time).

Anyways, they prep'ed the bike, and its very nice. I just wanted to say I got it.

Anyone who owns one, what should I look out for?


Congrats on the new bike. It is a great ride. Watch the stock chain, rejet w/ a 170 main and a 48 pilot, get a Uni filter and raise the forks 5mm. Ride for a good hour and set your race sag and change your oil and your set. You might want to do little personal stuff but that basically is it. Some changed their front tires but the stocker is good for my terrain (hard).

My jetting seems just about perfect to me. No spuddering or popping. I will change to a Uni-Filter later, for now this one is fine. Why raise the front forks? How? (I will check my manual).

I will do the race sag and all that too. I will change the oil after my break-in process (10 hours). These tires seem perfect for my track!

Congrats on the bike.

I would have wanted a yellow one but could not get it. You wanted a blue one and had to settle for a yellow. :thumbsup:

Please, before you ruin your bike in some "process" of 10 hours, read what engine builders say about break in. It's about FZ1 to start with, actually does not matter as it really applies to all 4-strokes. Go to the yellow highlited text:

or go to motoman direct:

Im just going to do what the manual says. I read all those articles where you want to ride hard for break in. How many of you tried it and it worked fine?

Im just going to do what the manual says. I read all those articles where you want to ride hard for break in. How many of you tried it and it worked fine?

Just read also the above articles and let your dad read them too.

What your dealer and manual says is only a liability matter. Your dealer salesman usually does not know sh*t and the factory wants you to feather it till the warranty is over.

Now READ! :thumbsup:

I read them, but how many tired it and had success with it?

I don't do the typical new engine break in and haven't for years now. I do ride for only 10 minutes after a complete warm up and then allow the engine to cool down. These heat cycles allow the metals to adjust willingly to the changes in temps. I don't just mean in the engine either. The suspension, the brakes, the whole bike. After 3-4 heat cycles, I'm past the new bike thing and focus on bike set up for next Sundays race.

Please don't go 10 hours on a new engine before you change your oil. I think the first oil change is the most important one.

How long before I have to change my oil first time? 5 Hours? Each 5 Hours?

I did the hard break in.

First oil change after just one hour of that.

metal in the filter already.

Bike ran great though so long as I keep the oil in it.

Really it runs great mine is an 05 though..

In the book (manual) it says a 1 hour break-in is fine. Not 10 hours.

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