How to replace CRF 50 forks

My son bent his fork tubes on his new crf 50. Anybody know the procedure to replace the tubes. Looks like a circlip on the bottom and bolt on top? Is there oil in them. Any manual pdf or anything that would help would be appreciated... :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

There is no oil in the forks, only grease. I had to bend back the forks on my Z50R a while back.

1. Figure out a way to get the front wheel not to touch the ground.

2. Remove the front wheel

3. Remove two 14mm bolts on top of the fork tubes

4. Slide down dust seals

5. Remove circlip

6. Pull out forks

7. Punch out spring pin and remove all parts from lower tubes

8. Put parts back on new tubes

9. Grease it up good

10.Stick it back up the fork

11.Put in clip

12.Push dust seal back up

13.Tighten 2 14mm bolts to about 15ft/lbs

14.Pt the wheel on


I am going to give you a site that will help with everything with fifties. Go to minis to the max. click links. save this to your favorites. This site has every company,retailer,forums and how to you will ever need. Go to hop-up how tos located on the far right fouth section down. Go to Dano's bike shop. Now go to the second section on Dano's. On-Line Technical Instructions.Scroll down to Fork Removal and Disassembly. You will need snap ring pliers,allen keys,hammer, small punch, a standard wrench set,axle grease or molly grease. If you buy aftermarket fork legs don't get Two brothers fork leg kit. Not that Two Brothers is a bad company. Its just their springs are made for 120lbs. riders. So if your kid is more which a growing boy will become. The springs will give out. There is nothing wrong with any other product they have. Good luck

You could bend them back but once they have been bent the metal loses its matiblity. They become softer. Don't cut corners it could comprimise saftey. Your son obviously has surpased the stock honda. Welcome to the world of aftermarket. I know the prices are scary at first,but don't cut corners here either. Some things cost more but thats because they use finer products.

I just put minis to the max cause its has all the links to companies and stores for future purchases and stuff.

That PDF is very detailed and has close, clear pictures for each step. I used it to install my extended fork leg kit (Fiveo not Two Bros) and it went very smoothly!

Highly recommend those installation instructions from two bros ^^^

Thanks soo much for all the quick replies. This forum is awesome!!!

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