Rust on header and "mud" stains on muffler?

I have rust on my header I think... Its that or just dirt that I cant get off and the same for my muffler except on the header it looks more like rust and on the muffler it looks more like dirt mud stains.

Question is, how did this happen and how can I get rid of it.

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When the pipe gets hot the dirt burns onto it try taking a wire brush to it not to hard because you don’t want to scratch it.

Its dirt, not rust (my TTR looks the same way) You just have to take a wire brush to it untill you knock all of the dirt off. It will take awhile

It's like that on my husband's WR. But nobody else bike has that problem. I've tried everything to clean it but it doesn't come off.

scotch brite pad will get it good and not scratch it with some wd-40

Wait a minute, your working that hard to clean your husbands WR...

Got a sister??

Wait a minute, your working that hard to clean your husbands WR...

Got a sister??

Yehha What he said!!!!!

Ditto on the Scotch Brite pad and WD-40. Takes a little time, but it will be looking good after a bit of work.

For anyone out there with a ceramic coated or chrome exhaust that's reading this, the Scotch Brite pad is a no-no, just WD-40, a rag, and a lot of elbow grease.

i use steel wool on my ceramic coated pipe it doesn't hurt nothing.

Thanks guys ill try this.

I dont know what a Scotch brite pad is but would a Brillo pad work?

does wire brushing scratch it?

you could also try the S.O.S pad

I do it the easy way, glass bead it then re paint it. It'll look even better that just taking a wire brush to it.

Just finished the same job on my WR450. Took 100 grit to it and a wire brush on the end of my cordless drill to get the tight spots. Came out looking like a champ, no prob.

Wire wheel on the bench grinder ought to make short work of it also. Should have thought of that before I hand did mine.

Also spent less than $5 replacing the stainless and other fasteners which definitely also freshened it up.

Takes a bit of time, but put some tunes on and no worries.



i had a custom skid plate built on my truck for the desert...befor i painted it, it would get rusty from water....i used silicone spray and a scroth brite made the rust drip off and the tubing looks brand new

Paint It With Heat Paint

Will a brillo pad work?

wash the bike better after riding and spray the exhaust down with wd-40. It will keep the exhaust looking new-the wd-40 should be handy after washing the bike anyway because you are supposed to spray the chain and pivots to keep them from rusting

Does no one not know if a brillo pad will work or not???

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