New WR426

Have been reading TT for a couple of months, trying to decide on a bike. 426/xr400. Just ordered 2002 WR for X-mas present! I need protection skid plate, radiator guard and hand guards. I saw the pictures DL posted and saw his stuff. Any comments, suggestions. I have been out of touch for the last 15 years and am looking for help.

Just one suggestion. Don't buy a carbon fiber skid plate. Only my .02.

Welcome! I don't think you'll be disapointed.

The guards are a very good idea.

Otherwise I'd suggest riding it as-is the first few times. Then you'll want to trim the throttle stop, take the lid off of the airbox, and pull the end plug from the exhaust. Replace it with one of the replacement ends available, to calm the noise, if you can.

I'm not sure if the "grey wire" will make a difference on the 426 or not. Get some riding time on it first, then decide if you want to cut it. That's also the time to consider going to YZ timing.

If you search on any of those mods you'll find lots of info. Just ask the group if there are more questions. Great and knowledgeable people here.



98 WR400 Dualsport!

Oil and grease the's dry when new. Check spokes and all bolts. Grease the bearings. Give the machine a good inspection before you roost.

Lastly, break in the machine gently and give several oil changes the first hundred or so miles.

Handguards are probably the most important guard. Radiator guards are a good idea, get either Devol or Thumper, not works connection. Then spend money on carb jets and needles in preparation for YZ timing and removing all the restrictors.

For me, jetting was a concern. Stock the bike simply did not run all that strong...IMHO. Jetting needed many adjustments to bring the fire alive.

So try not to be disappointed with the stock setup, there's many HP to be uncovered.

The guards are a must along with the air box lid and throttle stop. You should ride for a while before you go think about the YZ timing. I was out of riding for about 17 years, and the testosterone level loss that comes with age doesn't require any more performance out of my 99 WR. Getting back into riding after such a long layoff is the best thing I could have done. Enjoy!

Tripm, why not a carbon fiber skidplate


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# 1

HAve you seen a carbon fiber skid plate after a few rides ? they tend to splinter and get really ragged looking fairly fast, remember carbon fiber is basically glorified fiberglass.....nothing its expensive....has its places however....just not in an area that gets a fair amount of slag thrown at it on a regular basis


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