On road vibration??

So I take my 05 TE 250 out for a spin that includes a couple miles of pavement and noticed an intermittent shaking above about 40 mph. It almost seems like the wheels are out of balance enough (rim locks?) that the front and rear wheels go in and out of sync. Has anyone else experienced this? Do the street legal '06s run rim locks?

My wife and I have not experienced what you are talking about and we have around 1000 miles on our Huskys. About 25% of that is on pavement. We have a Te450 and Te 510, both are 2006 with front and rear rim locks.

I think both front and back should be balanced whether or not you ride street. I just do a static balance with the wheel on it's axle between to pieces of angle iron set on saw horses. I put/it took about 3 oz. of stick on lead opposite the rim locks to balance each...

Your tires arent balanced. My 510 does that too and my tires are not balanced either. With the rim locks it really throws the balance off. Next set of tires I get I will balance mine.

On my TE450 the front wheel was so out of balance it would feel like it was bouncing along at certain speeds. I went out and found some stick on wheel weights at a local car parts place and added about an ounce opposite the rim lock. Seems to work. The knobbies seem to resonate on pavement at certain speeds as well. On dirt roads I don't notice either one of these issues so I'm thinking it has alot to do with the tires.

you dont have to balance the wheels. just add a second rimlock 180 degrees from the stock one and this usuall cures the balance problem.

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