I asked, but didn't get any answers in the Zook smoker forum...

I need to figure out how to adjust the idle UP on my '98 RM125. If I don't chop the throttle when coasting it will stall out. Any way to do this? Different jetting? I couldn't find it outlined anywhere in my Clymer manual.

what kind of carb does it have? im assuming its a mikuni so..theres usually alittle screw on the body on the left side of it with an allen key in the middle and a nut on the outside. loosen the nut and turn the screw in and tighten it down until you get the idle speed that you want

It has a Keihin 36mm PWM

There should be an Idle screw on it, most are plastic and black with a little return spring you can see. turn this to the right a little while the bike is running and you'll hear the rpm grow

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