Battery Problem?

I re-installed my battery today after charging it and have no e-start. There is a click sound when you press the buttom at the battery area. I put the battery on the charger 2 days ago, first at 6 amps for about 8 hrs, then at 2 amp until today. Is it possible to harm the battey if you charge it to much? It was working fine prior, I just figured that since I was using the buttom a lot during my last ride that it would be wise to throw it on the charger. :thumbsup:



Yes, you fried your battery. MC batteries should only be charged about 1 hour on the lowest setting of an automobile style charger. 8 hours might have cooked it.

The short answer is:

Yes, over-charging a battery can destroy it, and to me that sounds like a lot of time to be on the charger. I am sure others will respond with more details.

Have you double checked the battery conections? If they are loose or dirty that could be the cause of your problem.

everybody needs a battery tender .this is not the same as a battery charger.dan.

Im still on my stock battery. No problems and I dont use a battery tender, it gets damn cold here in the winter and my Husky never fails to start after a little over a year. I think if you ride at least once every 2 weeks you shouldnt have to charge your battery, keep away from the car charger altogether.

Bottom line is that I charged it too long, and for that matter too long on the previous charges. So I'm off to find a new battery tomorrow, does any one know of a better battery that the stock Yuasa?



We should hear more from two-eyed battery experts on this issue, but I guess I might have half an eye on it. My understanding is that on a relatively small battery such as this one, you should not be charging at any more than about one amp (?), and not for a time period more than a few hours, unless the charger has reliable circuitry to really step the charge amperage way down.

It sounds like you overcharged the battery. I use to use a Sears car battery charger on my Suzuki DR-Z and I use to go through one battery a year. I bought a Die Hard motorcycle battery charger that puts out .5 to 1.5 amps. The Husky battery is rated at 2amp charge. No problems yet.

I was going to say either on the battery or the instructions it said it could be charged @ 2A for I think it was 45 mins. The key is to use the lowest rate (2a) and watch the amp meter. When it drops below 3/4 amp or so it means the battery cant take the full 2A rate. either trickle charge or remove it all together. I don't charge mine as long as I start/ride it every other week or so.

However I did drown it last week and ran the battery until just about dead. That is almost as bad as overcharging but without the acid explosion..... So far it's holding the charge so it may be ok.

Aloha from Hawaii

hey the sun is out!!!

after 40 days and 40 nights of straight rain....

Thanks guys for all the info. I really didn't have a good grasp on battery charging, and now $80.00 later I do. Charge at very low amps for a short duration. More rain tomorrow up here so I'll have to wait to ride again. :thumbsup:



If you use a car battery charger just put an ordinary 21 Watt brake light bulb in line with one of the charger leads (the positive or the negative lead it doesnt matter which) when charging the battery. This will limit the charging current to around 0.7 Amps. Charge the battery for 10 hours. Its failsafe. My original DRZ battery is now getting on for 6 yrs old.



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