ex husaberg dealer trying to talk me out of one.

Went down to check out the 06 Fe 550 later to find out they are dropping the husaberg line he spent 1 hour trying to talk me out of one.

some things he said:

very very unreliable.

battery dies 6 in months

the reason we are dropping the line is of customer complaints.

the 05 second hand one we have has already had a full rebuild.

i'd feel 30% about selling you one of these bergs and 10% selling you a

Te 510 husky. (yes husky dealer)


some comments on dealers quotes????

well I got 37 hours on my 06 Husaberg Fe450e everything is fine. I got 3000 miles on my 05 TE-510. everything is fine. The battery on my Husky did die at 6 months, bought a new one. The battery is Japanese. The battery on the Husaberg is Japanese too. perhaps this dealer should start knocking the Japs.

BTW the husky is hard to kick start, so a dead battery on my husky is a real pain. The Husaberg is the easiest kick starting bike on the planet....so if my Jap battery on my Husaberg dies one day....no big deal.

The new Husabergs have a 1 year warrenty, maybe this dealer doesn't want the service hassle of bikes with 1 year warrenty. :thumbsup:

The only problem I've had with my Husaberg is weather. It is really tough this year to have such a powerful, sexy, well handling machine out in my garage and all of the local OHV areas are closed due to snow and lots of rain. In fact, it's raining right now. :thumbsup: I think the key word in your thread title says all you need to know - he is an ex-Husaberg dealer. :thumbsup:

disregard his comments and research the bikes and decide for yourself.it would be great to e able to ride both first.what do your friends have?dan

*the 10% husky was supose to be 100%*

I am still keen on the berg and yes any dealer not selling a certain bike will bag it.

when i told him all i could get in my home town was jap, that started him again..... crf valves are rooted after 3 months and wr's huh ya can't give them away.

I think the fella was just a dead set wanker.


Dan, tried to send you a PM now. TT Says your box is full. Its about wheels. Steny

just do what you feel best to do!

3900 miles and 150 engine hours on my 05 Husaberg FS650E.

Not problemos except for worn out rear tires.

I've got 30-40 race hours on mine, 1 valve adjustment, lots of oil changes....still starts easy with e-start and or 1-2 kicks........Bike runs perfect and is fast !!!

He is dropping the brand not because it is less reliable than the others but because he has a hard time finding good mechanics that can take care of anything else than Japanese bikes. That's why he's also bad mouthing Husky.

That's my guess.

Hondas, KTMs, etc... are not more reliable than the Bergs.

Some bikes are hard to die, like the DRZs and DRs, but they're not exactly the same.

yeah i'm going the berg but i'll wait till run out 06 or 07 model (just works out the time i'm gonna get one)

anyone know of 07 changes or is it to early??

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