V-Force Vs. Rad Valve

Obviously someone doesn't like that I like V Force. I would just like to say, that my preference of the V Force system over the Rad Valve, is completely opinion, not fact. :thumbsup:

I also believe that the power gains recieved from both systems are quite bike specific. I did like the Rad Valve, but I made the switch after learning more about the two parts.

Both Systems are going to give you an improvement in power, one of them might be more, maybe not. However, with this hp gain comes other things.

A pro rider from my area that owns his own shop, and is constantly building bikes. I asked him about getting a rad valve, and he told me to get the v force, because with the rad valve I would have to make drastic jetting changes, which isn't hard or anything, but it's a PITA. Secondly he told me that the rad valve would wear reeds out quicker, because it's metal as opposed to plastic. The vforce is nice, because it's a snap together design, and requires little to no jetting changes to notice a decent power increase. Hence The Vforce is more user friendly. Another thing is, the Rad Valve is presented pretty crapily, the boot looks like junk to me, and some valves have the same part number, as valves of completely different bikes. :thumbsup:

Now it's not that I'm lazy, and I absolutely love working on my bike, but unless the Rad Valve was handed to me, along with 8 main jets, a couple pilot jets, a few needles, and a few extra days in my life. I'm going with the old snap together bolt on power and ride. :confused:

Yes, a KX500 is more powerful than my YZ250, but I would rather have the YZ250. I guess it's just my opinion.

End Rant.

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lets go through all this as many times as we possibly can.

1) do a search in the general forum and youll find that 95 percent of the people who ACTUALLY research the two go with boyesen. im not just saying.. "oh yea.. get v-force.. thats what i have and its great" i mean research.

and i will find you some pictures of this lovely "snap together composite design" being shreaded

quoted from Grizzly660.. (whom i have seen many very informative posts from)

"boyesen rad valve. Has more of an impact then the Vforce3. It has a reshaped intake boot and it all 1 peice out of alum. much better than plastic and the stock valve.

The boyesen flows more than the v-force and the smaller reeds that open at low rpm and give AWESOME throttle response and low gain. Then the stiffer larger tips oppend at high rpm for some great mid-top gain.

Each of the rad valves are designed different for each model of bike. Unlike v-force where each cage is the same the only thing different is the mounting hole pattern.

As for power now, you'll be really mad when you shell out $99 and get a tiny peice of stamped tin in return...and very little effect at that.

Rad valve all the way."

quoted from.. oh lookey here.. losttrail

" would definatley go with the reed cage. Boyesen at that. V Force is good, but boyesen is better it is actually a whole different thing than stock, which makes it work better and add more power."

heres a shortcut to that wonderful v-force design being shreaded


heres a quote from Moto814. very respectable engine builder..(read: how me makes a living) and hes talking about them being shreaded in the link above

I've seen a bunch of VForce and VForce2's do that. Haven't seen a VForce3 do it yet, but they haven't been out long.


if ya want more i can keep going.. but you even said it yourself... boyesen is the way to go

There is something wrong with you. I am trying to solve this problem, and you are turning it into an arguement.

Yes, In my post I said that Previously I was all for the Rad Valve, for the same reason you are. People on TT say it's better, but then I learned more about them, and changed my mind.

It's one thing to disagree and share your reasoning, but I presented to you my complete opinion with absoutely zero aggression, and you somehow find a way to prove my opinion wrong. Way to go man.

Lost, I had the same experience with the Rad Valve as described in your first post.

I have a Rad Valve and a V Force 3 sitting on my shelf at present. My 06 yz is running the stock reeds. If this engine has a performance problem, I dont believe it can be traced to the reed block. After all, to be a real performance enhansing product, the stock reed valve would have to be the potatoe in the exhaust pipe, right?

I have also taked with engine tuners who said the stock valve was fine. For specific bikes they sometimes said there was performance to be had from the rad valve or v force, but damn few.

I am very suspect of any types of performance gains from any reed valves. IMHO, changing the reeds causes more problems than they cure.

Lost, if you want to sell the set your not using, send me a PM. I have a customer who insist he wants me to put reeds in his YZ250.

Reed valve cages use to make a big difference back in the 90s when 125's had 36mm carbs. When you modified the engine for racing and installed a 38mm carb then a reed cage with either a larger boot opening (rad valve) or the existing boot ported out (V force) to the size of the 38mm carb would make a huge difference. Them where the days when aftermarket parts where actually better than stock.

But them days are gone........

On modern engines there is money better spent in other places.

We have used the V-force with great success. But its not going to make a big difference. Just throttle response. Already a well designed engine means its very hard too make a huge impact on HP.

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