silencer fabricating?

ok, im at my friends house, and i had my old silencer on my kx80, and it flipped the bike and cracked the silencer. so we took his stock silencer and put it on my bike after a little bit of cutting, grind and so on, we got it to fit, wrapped it, and put it on, nop leaks, do you guys think this ok. :thumbsup:

anyone, do you think it will be ok for the motor atleast?

it will work fine.

(edited somewhat by CaptDan)

I flipped my kx80 and cracked the silencer. So we took my friend's stock silencer and (after a little bit of cutting, grinding and so on), put it on my bike. No leaks. Do you guys think this is okay? :thumbsup:

No worries, mate. :thumbsup:

yeah but if u see a

itll work but u should get a new one as soon as you can

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