Anyone try one of these license plate holders?

Scroll down to "The Grifter", license plate holder. I just ordered it. It looks pretty cool, you can store stuff underneath your license plate. I think it'll be perfect for title and insurance paperwork...


Looks good. "Weather Resistant"= Keep your papers in a ziplock inside the thing.Let us know how you like it and post some installed pics if you can.

Will do.

I'm wondering if it'll fit a couple tire irons and maybe a few thin tools...


I have one sitting on my bench. It was on an old bmw and worked great if you don't have underseat storage for registration and insurance. Might hold some thin short tools since it isn't any bigger then the plate and is only about 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick. Great for holding zip ties, some mechanics wire and maybe some gum :thumbsup:

I have one, the zip lock is a must as stated above not very weather resistant. I cut off that ugly fender extension just below where the license plate mounts and mounted the holder there looked pretty good.

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