xr70 -kx60 suspention

I have seen a lot of posts where guys use the kx swingarm with a xr200 shock in the stock location. Is there some reason people don't use the kx shock and linkage as it was intended? I just installed the kx shock and linkage for the unitrack on my sons xr. there was quite a bit of fabrication involved but nothing major , I had to make mounts for the shock out of some moly plate right behind the brake pedal mount and add a few tubes to reinforce the pivot area.I also used the kx forks. i cut the neck off of the kx frame cut it in half and chucked it in the lathe and turned it down enuff to fit inside the xr steering head, i just used the bearing cups from the kx machined to fit into the xr head up to the edge of the cup. then i pressed them into the xr neck and welded them. Now the neck is the same legth as the kx neck. i used the kx front wheel and brake cable also the kx triple trees with new moose bearings. I used the xr rear wheel ,had to make a few spacers and extend the tab on the swingarm to locate the brake. The bike looks and works great. I hope this info helps anyone who wants to try this ,i think it works mutch better than using a shock mounted right to the swingarm.

Thanks .......Todd

can we get some pics. of this please. :thumbsup: but it soundes like it worked great good job.

I was the one that was doin the kx60 swingarm with the xr200 shock. I ended up not using the setup because i couldnt use the frame it came with because it broke so i am not a welder to make a new mount and weld it on. So if ne body wants the swingarm or shock i will sell it and ship it for ya. Just pm me

Post some pictures because it sound like a good conversion.

I can't figure out how to post a pic. How do you do it?


Make a garage on thumpertalk and upload pics onto that.

Sweet. In the 2nd pic it looked kinda off center? :thumbsup:

the shock is offset a little on the kx to clear the airbox, you can see how the rocker arm is offset in the pic.


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