is it easy to change a frame

i never taken apart a bike and i have tools but do u think it is easy for an unexperienced person to change frames on a fiddy... soon i will change swingarm to is this stuff easy to do? :thumbsup:

I havn't done it, but it looks pretty easy to do...especially after you pull off the plastics.

It is pretty easy. Go to minis to the max on your internet search engine. Click links. Save this to your favorties. This is the only site you will ever need. Go to the far right and fourth down. Hop-up how tos. Click Dano's bike shop. Go to the second section down.On-Line Technical Instructions go to frame stripping. They will tell you what tools you need and how to tear down the frame.Good luck

I did that with my 70 and then i ended up goin with my old stock frame. It was a lot of work and now my bike is a lil messed up but getting it fixed. Now its a lot easier to fix my bike cause i know where everything goes .

thanks to all

No problem at all. Just don't loose nuts/bolts and remember where parts go.


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