Need a voice of experience, HELP!!

Well I am BRAND new to the forum. Wealth of knowledge here, thanks so much to everyone who contributes...its great.

Well here is my problem. And I know I will probably get bashed a little, but its okay...I actually probably deserve it.

I just got an 06 YZ450F. Sadly enough its got literally an hour on it. You guys knows what coming right??? This crazy thing is too much for me!!! Big surprise right? So I need to find something that I can actually enjoy riding the track on instead of hanging on for dear life.

Okay, two things that I think are getting to me on the 450. First, i am vertically challenged, so the seat height thing makes me less confident I think. Second, believe it or not, POWER!! I am thinking its got too freakin much for me (can't believe I am actually saying that, but its either admit it or get more medical insurance).

I am thinking I should be on a 250F. I would say my skill level is not beginner, but maybe intermediate. So here is my question. What would you say about the power difference (feel) between the 450 and 250? Say mayabe 60 percent, 75 percent? I was hoping someone could give me a good description/comparison between the two. Any advise from you more experienced folks? Oh and I know the height thing won't be much different, but I think I am going to have to modify it either way. I am just thinking the combination of too much power and too much height are the sum of my problem.

Thanks so much for any help.


I have the 06 YZ450f, and my girlfriend has the 06 YZ250f. The 250 feels a lot lighter and thinner between your legs, like it almost floats around. I get the feeling on her bike like I can throw it around any way I want, and it will just go. The seat height is no different, if that's an issue. It doesn't have the rip-your-arms-off power of my 450, but it still has some oomph that makes it fun to ride.

Bottom line, if you feel that the 450 is too much for you, I think the 250f will be perfect.

How long have you been riding. If you've been riding a while and have the whole throttle control thing down... and it still feels like too much power, then I'd switch to a 250F. If you're still on the learning curve, I'd give it some time and see if you adjust to the power.

I switched this year from a 250 two stroke (YZ) to a 450 and am still getting used to all that torque and usable power... but loving every minute of it :thumbsup:

... oh, I almost forgot. Welcome to the forum. As you mentioned in your post, you'll find tons of useful info here and always someone who is willing to help. Have fun riding! :thumbsup:

Hey i just bought a an 06 model to. First off i would say give it more time. Before i had a 2004 450 and after riding the new bike i was scared to death. Honestly after putting 10-15 hrs on it i love it! Yamaha did their homework on this bike! Also on the seat height you can change the race sag and lower the height of the seat alittle.

First.......welcome to TT TNYZ450Rider :thumbsup:

Second, when riding the 450, do not snap the throttle but rather roll it on. Also, you might benefit from adding some flywheel weight. The more you ride this bike and get used to it.....the less the power will bother you. It's a great bike and a rush to ride. Give it time, you'll be glad you me! :thumbsup:

Personally I have one of each of the 06's. The 250f is rather modified, and I almost forget how it felt stock, but honestly the major difference for me is the feeling that on the 250f I can wring it's neck, and get on the gas as hard as I want and I get no feeling of being out of control, or any sense of urgency as to what the bike is doing. As opposed to the 450 where if you get on the gas to hard it can be unnerving as to how quick it gets away from you.

I would say if you want a bike which makes you feel like you are running it hard, and is honestly a little bit more fun I would get the 250f. However if you want to become a better faster rider, I personally would stick with the 450 and learn good throttle control.

As a plus for the 450, it really is nice knowing you can get over almost any obstacle in your way with just a flick of the wrist, as opposed to having to rail the 250f to make sure you have enough speed for something.

Before you think about trading bikes, try to lower the subframe which lowers the seat height and you can also shave some material out of your seat as well. This is a little uncomfortable but easy cheap changes. There are lots of shorter riders out there so even if you still didn't like the bike and wanted to sell, you wouldn't have a problem selling it with the chopped subframe.

I just came off a ktm 300 mxc and found my 06 450 to be a monster. now I love it!!

I don't think you have to be big or strong to enjoy the 450.

I am 5 6 maybe 150 pounds not exactly a muslce man and old.. 50

and I love the 450..

The throttle control is key as said above..

had it loop out a couple of times till I got used to it.

But then I just expect to get thrown of the bike so when it happens I don't worry about it too much...

Oh but I don't race I just play.

For riding dunes like I do you can never have too much power... :thumbsup:

Oh and welcome to the thread.

As you are new I just thought I'd mention now:

If the pipe glows red don't worry that is normal.

And yes you should change oil and filters that often (every 10 hours at least)..

I am short too. Shave the seat, you will be amazed in the difference. For me,it is just as comfy, so dont worry about that. I had a WR before this bike and it was really tall so I shaved like 1.5 inches off that seat. Give it a try, youll be amazed.

This may sound too simplistic, but try riding it in a gear higher. Lug the monster around. Unfortunately most of us made the transfer to the big boy bike from a 250 2 stroke where we were trained to ride the bike right on the power curve. These big bikes don't need to ridden in the same manner. Try staying in a range just below the point where the bike wants to launch itself skyward, shift sooner rather than later, you may actually start to pick up speed without massive rpm buildup. Just try it! A gear taller than what you are doing.

Thanks so much to everyone for all the advice.

I took the advice of several of you and shaved the seat down about 1.5 inches or so. I also set the sag. Feels much much better. In fact, the first day I rode it after the changes, my wife said I seemed to be riding a totally different bike. I was way more comfortable.

Also, I really appreciate the encouragement from all those who said to keep the bike and give it time. I was starting to get a little bummed out at the thought of selling it, and I am feeling much better now.

I also did some riding the other day doing exactly what one member gear higher. I was surprised. It felt better than I would have expected. Once I got used to the RPM being lower, the bike actually performed really well. Things seem to be getting better with each ride.

Again, thanks so much to all who took the time to help out a new member.


If you buy this and use thy Y400 cam, your problem will be solved! I did the same thing, first ride at the track and thought I made a big mistake, then, somebody on this board sent me the above link! The rest is history! IT WILL SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM!

Go an extra step and actually go a tooth higher on your front sprocket. I'm assuming you don't ride track, mostly trails. You'll probally love it. It will mellow out the bottom end, be farther apart between shifts, and add to your top speed. When you get more comfortable w/ the bike and want more bottom end grunt. put the stock sprocket back on.

I am glad yoy are getting more accustomed to the bike and welcome to TT. However even if over time you still have problems with the 450, dont be embarassed to ride the 250. It is a great bike too. A flywheel weight might help you also. Slows the rate of acceleration a bit and lessens stalling. An auto clutch is great too.

I agree with DRH and several others on the forum. Ride a gear higher than you thinkyou should and the power becomes much more controllable. Its amazing how much torque these 450's have. As you become more acclimated you might drop downa gear but there is nothing wrong with riding a gear high most of the time. Caution: PULL IN the clutch on tight corners or you will stall. Its a good habit to get into anyway. 250's are a lot of fun and might have been a better choice for you but the 450 has so muchmore potential to go fast once you get used to managing the power.

Have fun.

Glad things are working out better between you two. I experienced a similar intimidation when I first got my 426 and then again with my '03 450. Both bikes scared me a little bit at first until I learned what to expect from them. Now I love the power have no trouble. I'm sure you're in the same boat. The great thing about these bikes is when your ready to step up your riding, the bike is more than happy and able to play along! :thumbsup: Like they say, you can always ride a fast bike slow, but you can never ride a slow bike fast. :thumbsup:

I totally know what you mean. I went from a 125 2 stroke to my 450 thumper. Needless to say I had a few close calls but as was said before stick with it. One thing that probably got you was the fact that your bike had a brand new rear tire. 450's can be pretty dang scary when they have a fresh tire because they will wheelie EVERYWHERE. Once the knobbies round off a little bit you will probably feel even better.

Ok .. Here's the deal - I've got the '03 450 and 03'250f in the garage as well as 4 other Yamahas for the kids (all Girls) (they are faster than most boys!!) I bought 06 450 for me and 06 250 for wife. I gave the 03 250F to my `15 year old daughter. However - I did lower the Primary gear to a 12 to slow it down a bit!

She (wife) has been riding the heck out of the 250f for 3 years. She is about 5'6" and 130. I took the suspension out and gave it to BOSS in Portland OR. He shortened it by 2". Totally made the bike more fun for the wife. We ride desert, coastal range (Steep, deep and cheap!) as well as the Cascades!.

Anyway - I would say. Get the suspension lowered (cost about $300) and learn (as said above) throttle control! When in doubt DON'T PIN IT ..... Unless you are a die hard adrenalin maniac! Like all of the 450 Riders I know. I'm 40 and been riding Yamaha YZ250's ususally pumped since I was 14. (Started at 5 on a Qway 50)(Anybody remember that) :thumbsup::thumbsup: I bought my 03 450 when I was 37 and have had PERMAGRIN ever since!!

I went to the shop last Saturday looking for boots for my 9 year old (TT90R) and came home with two anniversary addition New bikes. WOW brings back the teenager!! Remember the 76 YZ125C or 1981 YZ 125?

There is no better machine on the market than the 450F. Just learn to ride it and don't kill yourself in the process.

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