Getting webbed feet in Nor-cal!!!!!!!!

Anyone else here ready to turn their Toyhauler/Trailer into a houseboat just in case? Jeez the forecast called for no rain for Saturday now it has changed back to rain for the next 5 days :bonk::bonk::bonk:

I don't get to ride often as it is already & this is just getting silly now. Last year on Easter we were up @ Stonyford & it was nice!!!!! Oh well soon it will all be dry & dusty. :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

Jeez..............I hear ya I cant wait till its hot,dry and dusty


This morning on the radio (kcbs? kfox?) it said Tuesday will the worst storm of the year...

I hope they are wrong...

I would rather have web feet than grow lizard skin like we do down in So Cal 10 months out of the year.

This rain is getting crazzy, i think the 10 day forecast calls for rain every day except for one :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Just have to load up the hauler and head to the east side of the Sierras. Drive through rain, sleet,snow, ice to get to the desert spongecake.

Moonrocks here we come. It was iffy most the week, but just had to say hell, no need for an Arc in the dez. Hopefully the weather holds out over there and the snow doesn't come too low on the drive to and fro.

Wish us luck.


all i have to say is this ..... :thumbsup:

We'd take a little rain here in TX if you want to pass it our way!

Nevada seems to be the best place to ride, I went over for the Pony Soldier Hare Scrambles, and I went through grass valley and it was snowing on me up on hwy 49 all the way to hwy 80, then got to Boreal Ski park, and it was sunny all the way into nevada.

I might just have to ride Moonrocks or Johnson Lane next weekend. I can't take this weather anymore.

I'm heading back east tomorrow morning for 3 days, and when I get back it better be sunny. :thumbsup:

The riding parks are closed but the lake is always open.I've got more lake time this winter then riding it seems.Feet get a little numb standing on 48deg water at 45mph.

I pefer riding the parks but I have great acces to some old RR tracks that go on for ever.We found some good hill climbs yesterday.Soon, after more exploring I'll have a loop other than my track on my 12acrs.I cut some new lines yesterday.We burned them in alittle then went exploring.Had a great day.SORRY to say:{

I dont mind riding in the rain,I love it.Its just having a place to ride in the rain.Summer riding sucks but I like the work out.

If I had webbed feet that would help with backwards footin so bring on the webbed feet.

We have been trying to keep a construction project on schedule through all of this. I think there is a mutiny brewing! We slog around in it all week and then we go play in it on the weekend? I can hardly weight to complain about the dust and heat.

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