Changed seals/case cover...engine now tight.

Hey TT'ers,

I caught a rock a few weeks ago and put a gash in the bottom of my left c. case cover. It was still running when I noticed the gash and I shut her off.

Since then, I have replaced the crankcase cover including the little seal that presses into the cover for the end of the crank shaft.

While waiting for these parts, I also rebuilt my water pump (all parts except impeller) including the shaft, new water and oil seals.

Now, she's all buttoned up and ready to go. I go to start her and it feels like it's twice as hard as normal to turn over. After about 6 kicks, she fired for a there's spark...then nothing.

Questions: Could these new seals cause the bike to be harder to turn over (not likely but :thumbsup: )

Could I have screwed up the stator reinstall (or impeller) so that there rubbing now causing resistance?

My deepest fear is that, even though she was running when I shut her down, there might be some internal damage from a chunk of case cover going through the engine.

I'm going to pull the crankcase cover (left) back off and turn her over to see if the resistance is from something in there.

Any other ideas? All help or comments appreciated.


After pulling off the c case cover, the engine appears to "loosen" up...I can push the kick starter down by hand. Then, I looked inside of the flywheel and I can see some faint lines like the stator is rubbing it.

How does this happen? The stator position seems pretty specific...not too much slop? I'm going to loosen it and reinstall it. Any ideas...?

Problem solved...

The previous owner must have put an aftermarket bigger flywheel on it and there is one little aluminum fin on the new crankcase cover that i need to shave down to clear the flywheel.

I'm not kidding when I say it hits by about 1/64". The engine would spin when the cover bolts were hand tight but as soon as I tightened 'em, the flywheel would hit and tighten up the engine. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

great job on posting your question and then fixing the problem before you ever even got a reply... :thumbsup::thumbsup:

great job on posting your question and then fixing the problem before you ever even got a reply... :confused::bonk:

Should I have waited? :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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