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I was just cleaning the air filter on my 06 and noticed their is a wire screen attached to the frame-thingy. Does this restrict airflow at all - would their be any benefit to removing it? Also, which aftermarket airfilter is best to buy performace wise, or is the difference so small it's negligible?

Please excuse my lack of knowledge. :thumbsup:

go for a rushor twin air filter, and some good quality air filter oil from like bel ray and motul. I would answer your question about the wire screen but as i dont have a yamaha i cant. DeViLdRiVeR.

The metal screen is a back-fire screen. When a thumper backfires, it could catch the air filter on fire and that screen is suppose to stop it. You could remove it to get better airflow, and get a twin-air filter that is fire retardant.

I really question the cost of the "kits" that eliminate the screen.....Seriously, how much more airflow are you going to acheive?? maybe 1/10th of a Horsepower?? I think those kits run around $ 80 and up, and I believe when people say they can "feel" a difference, it's strictly in their head.

You'd be better off spending about $ 60 on a jetting kit like the J/D kit, available here on TT.

I would have to agree :thumbsup:

So I can't just cut it out and be done with it, I have to buy a special kit to remove it?

Who cares. Just leave it, it's not like you need anymore power with the bike anyways.

the JD kit is a new carb needle and main jets. That will give you way more power than removing the screen. I think he was talking about buing aftermarket frams being a waste of $$$ :thumbsup:

You can cut it out. IThe chances of your bike back firing and catching the filter on fire are very slim, It's just a legal thing, probably happened some one idiot who was running his bike wayyy to rich and sued them over it, now they have to have them. Go ahead and take it out if its worth it to you.

The REAL question is "is there any benefit to removing the screen?"

My own tests indicate that there is not, and that the screen is less restrictive the the filter element itself is.

In testing air box configurations for Doug Henry's Supermoto ride a couple of years back, his crew found no benefit to it either, and that was using a dyno, among other tests.

IMO, leave it.

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