New stator, new pulse generator, know good cdi, still no spark?

:thumbsup: I have aquired a 1987 xl 600 r with 6000 miles on it.

I have replaced the stator with a Ricky stator, purchased a new pulse generator and a known good cdi. I have no spark.

I have tested the ignition switch, the pulse generator,coil and the on off switch. The coil was a few hundred ohms down but I don't see that as limiting all spark. There is a new battery and the lighting coil is working.

Evidently I am missing something. The factory wiring is all intact so I don't suspect a short and have been searching just in case.

Would anyone like to add to this quagmire? I want to rip.

P.S My service mech. started me with the pulse generator. :thumbsup:

"The harder you fall, the faster you learn"

I would check all connectors and grounds, replace fusses even if they look good, make sure there's no safety switch issues (kick stand, clutch), then check each wire in the ignition circut from point a to point b for continuity (maybe open circut), may be a break inside the wire usually where they bend back and forth around the steering head, good luck.

Check the wiring. The insulation can wear off and allow the wires to short. Wires can also break inside the insulation. Carefully check each bullet connector. Check the wiring with a volt-ohm meter. Check the high voltage lead to the plug. The inside wire that carries the spark can come loose from either end.

I've had several Honda XR's and XL's, but not a XL600. If it's a magneto ignition like my other Hondas, you have replaced all the components, so it must be a wiring problem. XR650L's have a 12 volt ignition, but I don't think the XL600 is that way.

The parts are

1. ) High voltage winding on the stator. You should be able to see some AC voltage when you kick it over. Say at least 20 on a digital voltmeter.

2.) The pulse generator. Tells the CDI when to spark.

3.) CDI.

4.) Ignition coil

5) Switches. Kill and key.

That's it. I don't think that the battery has anything to do with the ignition. Be sure to check that everything is plugged in the correct way. You need a wiring diagram for that. I might be able to find one if you don't have one. Let me know and I can see if I can find it.

did you get the bike not running or did it run at first and some event happened and it hasn't run since?

The bike was not running when I got it. It will be running at some point. :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: I will let you guys know how I make out.

Just an update. I put in my other cdi and managed to get it started. It ran pig rich then quit. Then no spark. I think the plug is fouled. I am not seeing any signs of wire deterioration anywhere. I'll get some plugs today and try again.

According to spark plug engineer, Once a plug gets real wet and spark is grounded out by the fuel. The spark takes the path of least resistance and make a carbon track. So even if dryed off, usually plug will spark out of cylinder but under compreesion it will take the carbon track again. Hoping this little tidbit might help. Good luck!

It was the CDI internals that loosened up. The pins inside the glue case had loosened from the glue causing intermittent and poor contact and or connection. So a new CDI, and now usually first kick and it's trick to go.Thanks to the board for all your input

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