Just picked up this smoker

Yowza! it's pretty! What made you switch? I am agonizing right now about whether to go 2 or 4 on the next bike. YZ or YZF, YZ or YZF, 250 or 250 or 450? Rats.

I had a bad relationship with 4's ..well honda 4's anyway...the yami 4's seem to be really nice...I could have picked a 05 450f for $5750tax's in but theres something about 2's that makes me think I can ride more aggresive and not feel like an old man rideing an easy machine...they are fun I have to admit ...its the scream of a 2 stroke that really gets me pumped...O ya ...NO MORE VALVE SHIMMING :thumbsup: man that bike pissed me off...I havent even got it running to sell yet ...I just parked it and went out tonite and bought this bad boy :confused::thumbsup:

NICE! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Wow that bike's beautiful! Congrats.

I like it. Can you tell me where the grafics came from? Good luck with the new ride. It looks sweet. :thumbsup:

Gorgeous bike Mate,

Be careful your sudden out bursts of laughter inside your helmet don't spook you.

250 two strokes, most fun you can have on 2 wheels...

2 Stroke are for the dirt, 4 strokes are for getting me there!

ya zeddy ....ya

I too made the switch back to an 05 yz250(close to 100 hours) from yzf250's and a 426. Glad I did it though the transition took about a month, and oh ya-no more valves to shim and no more what do I do if the engine decides to let loose today thoughts going through my mind when riding. How much did you get it for? Nice looking bike, who makes the killer graphics?

Wow, looks good. :thumbsup:

nice bike but nicer avatar. DAYYYUUUMMMMM :thumbsup:

N Style Graphics make that kit, I'm buying it as soon as I get the money... from RM.com, it's $130 and comes with the seat cover. I love that graphics kit

Looks Great!! You are right about the wicked fast. I just sold mine for a o3 yzf450 which is supposed to be a beast but is much more controllable then the YZ250. I was just tired of the constant burst of instant power at just a 1/4 throttle or less. Handled great though.

I think the burst of power is the best part ...makes me laugh every time ......I rode in the mud sat .so I didnt get 100%hook up ...im sure after today i will post otherwise :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

Yup... that burst of power, noth'n like it... crack the throttle, and crack a smile!!

Was thinking about a new sticker kit for my YZ, and that kit is bad**s

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