05' 450 Shock Play

While adjusting my sag the other day I noticed quite a bit of free play in my shock body and N2 cylinder. The top and bottom mounting bolts were tight and I am wondering if the bearings are worn. Is this normal? A buddy's bike had the same movement in his. Thanks for the help.

99% of the time it's the lower shock mount bearing. The other 1% it's the top shock bearing on bikes with lots of hours.

put bike on stand and move rear wheel up and down and look at the shock and you can see if its the upper or lower bearing. If everything is perfect there should be no play. about every couple of months take apart the linkage and grease all the needle bearings. If there dirty clean them first before greasing them. I believe the upper shock bearing is a spherical bearing that does not require grease. Hope this helps-

I have had 2 05 and a 06 and the two 05 had play in the top. Not much but enough to make a click noise on landings and if you place it on the work stand and bounce it on the floor. You can isolate it by applying slight force to the spherical bearing. The lower wears the most and has the most play when bad. Remember though the shock will have some play and it will move side to side if you grasp the N.C. Hope it helps; I have to have my stuff right and the clack it made was annoying to me. :thumbsup:

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