CRF 100 Jetting

Can anyone tell me the proper carb settings, air/fuel, for this bike? The bike is brand new and runs horrible. Idle varies, it races for a while than settles dowm. I am up at 3500 ft, but would like to know the base settings before optimizing it for this altitude.



If it's new, take it back to the dealer.

Well there's less air up there so lean it out a little. Raise the clip 1, turn the fuel mixture screw in 1/4 turn and maybe go 1 smaller on the main. Remove some or most of the screen too. that will help.

The dealership has a bunch of banana working there. I would rather do the adjustments myself, It would help me better understand the carb. But I need BASE setting to work from.


I beleive 38 pilot and 95 main. Not positive, someone please correct me.

The Honda Service Manual states the stock specs, as #35 slow jet and #98 main jet. They also list a #92 main jet for high altitude. (3000-8000 ft.) :thumbsup:

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