Wheelie Vid. 2

Hey just got through with this video


THis is a ATV video with



Who do you think did the longer wheelie?

Next FRiday we will make another VID WITH MY DIRTBIKE ...SINCE YALL ALL WANTED IT!


:thumbsup: There is the quad safety we have all come to know and loath.

I did find the gun rack on the red quad to be extremely HOT!! I can already see people making billet alum ones to add that extra bling to a hunting quad :thumbsup:

Pointers: Shorten the credits *no one is going to look at them any damn how* and dont wait for the song to end before cutting the flim.


this is me and my pal ridin wheelies and doing jumps! hope you all enjoy it!

you seem like a nice guy, so i mean this in the nicest possible way. that was one of the gayest vids ive seen in a while. it comes a close second to the little kid that posted a video of him blowing up a bottle. :thumbsup: did you ever think of diong a wheelie w/o hanging one leg over the back of the seat? :thumbsup:


ok ok im sorry. i feel terrible for saying that......seriously. :thumbsup: you guys look like you are having fun and thats whats important :thumbsup: ......just ditch the redneck rancher quads and get some dirtbikes.

hehehe. Good wheelies. I've seen those kind with the leg off the back in crusty demons of dirt III.

lol nice... nice feet driving ? i guess :thumbsup:

Ha ha .. Thats pretty funny though. I actually have a 125 but am trying to get better on my quad.

That is the coolest video ever. You guys are friggin awesome.

thanx man!.......hopefully we will have another one up soon

IT sounded kinda SARCASTIC

Use the rear brake and you won't run out of gear/power to hold it up.

In other words, if you HAVE to put a foot on that rack, it should be your left.

but you have to shift so thats why we use our right.......

DWAWWWAAAAAAMMMMMMM I wish I had your crazy skilzz yo. That vid was so off the hook. :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

ill admit its better than the other lame one but u need to wear a helmet. i 'll be laughing when your head falls off

but you have to shift so thats why we use our right.......

you don't need to shift if you do slow wheelies

Cool vid

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