what kind of gas are you using?

well, the trusty Gas City's are switching their RACE FUEL pumps over to E85 ...that new corn-based fuel..anyway my source for reasonably priced race gas is drying up (northern illinois).....any recommendations? i am thinking of using VP, any opinions?

for years it seems that Gas City was using union 76 race pump gas, about a year ago they switched to some ROCKET BLEND 100 octane ...now E85

i am running a TE250, that is stock...and i realize the 93 will work...(the manual recommends 98 octane (RON rated) - not sure how that relates to the minimum research (whatever it is) standard....but i have always used the race pump gas with really good luck, so i would like to continue with some kind of good, consistent fuel...VP?

thanks tim

VP, or any quality race fuel should be fine. George at Uptite said to mix 4:1, 91 octane pump gas with 114 octane race gas. I am just running 91 octane right now.

George told me the same thing, mix 91 with Sunoco 114. The emissions sticker under my seat says unleaded 90 (r+m/2), which is the average of RON and MON...and is what the pumps in Ca use, with 91 being the highest octane available. I've only got one tank thru the bike so far, I did notice a touch of pinging, but it could have been me lugging it bit too much...and if premium pump isn't good enough, damn what will we do in Mex? Since it's illegal to run race gas on the street (in US) I'm sure Husky stated this to be EPA/DOT legal.

But does 12.9 compression really need race gas?

there are so many different VP blends, has anyone used a specific blend from VP....

thanks tim

i use pump 91 with klotz octane nooster and take it up to 101 1/2 works well for me

I'm running Sunoco non-oxigenated 110 mixed with 90 non-oxigenated (1:3 ratio) in my Husky 510 that has a 13.5:1 piston. If I was still running a stock piston I'd run straight premium pump which I know works just fine.

there are so many different VP blends, has anyone used a specific blend from VP....

thanks tim

C12 will work fine for you.

thanks for all the info.....off to the races


High octane pump gas gives me all the performance I can handle. Race fuel is overkill IMHO.

I thrashed on my stock '06 TE 510 in the sand dunes with a big arse sand paddle with pump gas and never heard any sign of pinging at all. Octane requirements go up with ambient temperature, but I am guessing it is going to be fine on pump gas all summer.

Switching the pumps to E85 is rude, even if someone re-jetted for it, that stuff is corrosive! Who knows what it would do...

C12 will work fine for you.

Thats what i use in my 250. I run a 60/40 mix of VP C12 and 92 Octane.

My 150 has to run off of the C12 cause the motor mods on it. I ran VP 110 and then i Ran U-4 (bad idea, blew my motor after one lap of practice at a track) So i went to C12.

I Never had a problem with the VP110 or C12, I just use the C12 cause i can get it cheaper. And i only run a 60/40 mix in my 250 to keep it clean, help run cooler and thats it.

But either VP 110 or C12 is what i would recomend.

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