Eddie's countershaft torque recommedation

I'm getting ready to install a SS counter shaft spacer along with new seal and o-ring (preventative). I think I remember a post by Eddie, around the time we had a string of second gear bushing failures, where he recommended only torquing the CC nut to 50 ft.lbs (using loctite of course). Am I remembering that right?


I think that was me. I still believe 50 is adequate but the standard torque of 80 is fine and seems to be the accepted advise. The use of Loctite is more critical than the torque. I did kind of a quick servey of motorcycles that use a nut and found torque values of 30 to 80 and selected a value in the middle. That was back when I was considering over-torque as a contributing factor to the failures. It isn't. Go ahead and use 80.

Ah yes, I remember now. I new it was one of the more knowledgable members who said it. Thanks Noble, 80 it is.

I tightened mine to 60 and used red loctite on the splines and the nut. This was a while back......should I remove it and tighten to 80 or leave it be. :thumbsup:

Take a quick look at it. If it appears secure, leave it.

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