How many miles on stock tank??

I am racing a 100 miler (2 laps of 50)this weekend and read people are getting 40 miles or so with their stock 06 450 tank Anyone squeeze more miles out with a light throttle hand??

I have been able to get 45-50 miles out of mine but it does not leave much left in tank. A lot of my riding is not flat out ,so it may differ in race condtions.

ive got 46 out of my 04 450 but was crusing and there was not much left

I think I will give it a shot Fill to the brim and pray.. I wont be racing as I would like to be if I had a oversized tank. Just gonna go for the experience!!! Desert 100 Odessa, WA

Good luck, can you carry some extra?

Put some gas in a 16oz water bottle and duct tape the lid on, then put it in your fanny pack. I have done this many times and you don`t even notice that it is there. It has saved me more than once.

You might also check out the thread that believe is in this forum on expanding your tank using boiling hot water and compressed air.

I just ran it dry today on my 06 450. We were doing lots of hill climbs and the trails were a little more open ( 3rd 4th). I went 45 km (30miles or so) then my buddy with a huge IMS tank filled me up....i want to try the boiling water and compressed air trick. I have been following that thread.

When doing some really fast riding with a few long straights, I managed to get 35 miles out of the stock tank on my '03. I would imagine you will get about the same since the tank size is about the same.

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