hello i just got used bike and it is a 99 yz125 i am about 215lbs and i was wondering what i shoudl set my suspension to any tips or anything would help


The first thing you need to do is change your springs, as you are too heavy for the stock springs. Your stock front springs are .41's, and I would recommend .45's- your rear spring is 4.6kg/m, and recommended is 5.1. If you ask, you may find another TT'er with some for sale. An oil change on both ends would be a good idea, too, based on the age of your bike- if you are handy, you could do this yourself. Go to www.motocross.com/motoprof, then click on motorcycle tech center, then suspension tech center- in here you will find detailed instructions and pictures on rebuilding both your forks and shock (KYB, or Kayaba). Then, once you are all done, try some baseline settings, like maybe- forks 12 comp., 8-9 reb., and shock 12 comp., 6-8 reb. and visit www.mcxtreme.com/suspension or www.mx-tech.com, and print off the suspension setup tips. Take these with you to your local riding area, and you will have a good idea on what to do to set your suspension up properly. Have fun! :thumbsup:

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