Motion Pro fork bleeders, WTF! Need some input!

Just picked up a pair of motion pro bleeders and they dont fit! The package says ALL 1999 and later WP forks with external spring load

PART NUMBER Part# 11-0029

SIZE M.4x0.7

I have a 2005 KTM EXC 450 and when you try to instal them the shoulder on the bottom piece does not fit inside the hole. The thread fits but it wont bottom on the o-ring because the "adapter" part bottoms on the top of the fork. (hope this makes sense!) Anybody else have this problem?

Could it be possible that your bike doesn't have external preload adjusters? MP makes two types of bleeders for for preload adjusters and one without preload adjusters.

It has them. its a 2005 model. I think they slipped up on quality control and packed the wrong bleeders?

Are you 100% sure it has them? Not saying it doesn't, but looking at the part numbers, the EXC and SX have different #'s for the caps (even the 05s).

OK, they are not the black ones I ordered, I needed the gold colored ones. Dont have the part number off hand. Just a little FYI.

Careful when you tighten them down! Made from very soft alum and will break apart with the slightest torque. After two sets, I round filed mine. Looking for better quality ones now.


I was able to unscrew the gold part of the bleeder and seperate it from the top. The silver part is treaded. I'm going to drill and tap my fork caps and just screw the silver part into the fork. Just need to go to the hardware store and find out what the proper thread pitch is...looks like it might be some sort of NPT pitch.

They have a couple of diffrent styles other than motion pro on e-bay. Do a search for "fork bleeders"

Probubly 1/8th inch NPT??? (about 5/16th inch diameter)

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