scotts steering stabilizer mounts

if anyone is interested scotts has finally gotten the frame mounts done for the 06 250f and is taking orders.

Is it really ready. I called last week and was told it was still 2 weeks away and they would not take my order. I ended up making my own.

yeah i called yesterday and they took my order. said they should ship out tuesday. i know all about the two weeks crap. i finally waited until later in the day and called and got someone who actually knows something to say besides yeah it'll be two weeks. i've heard two weeks for 6 months. but yeah i order the frame mount and barclamp for oversized bars and a friend of mine ordered the the entire setup for the stock bars. if you happen to be using the kawasaki oversize barmounts in the forward position i already have the measurements you'll need for the barclamp.

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