Places to Ride in Reno...

Because we have more and more riders coming to Reno to ride, I put together a few files to aid navigation and locate the staging areas. It has most of the good spots to ride near Reno. The files are linked below. There is a Google Earth file (KMZ), a Garmin Database v.2 file (GDB), and also a GPS Exchange file (GPX), which will can be imported into Google Earth and most GPS devices and mapping software. Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

Google Earth KMZ file

Garmin Database v.2 GDB file

GPS Exchange GPX file

Search Keywords:


Sand Mountain


Honey Lake





Dog Valley




Viewing Instructions...

Save the file to your computer.

Open the Google Earth program.

Go to FILE ---> OPEN.

Select the file...


Open the Google Earth program.

Drag the file onto the map area of the program.

For some reason Google Earth doesn't load it when double clicked. .. :thumbsup:

I only unzipped the program and then double clicked on it. Google Earth popped right .

OK.. I think I had a problem with my file types.


Deleted the KMZ and KML files types.

Repaired the Google Earth installation.

Everything is good now :thumbsup:

Thanks Fryboy!

For the others.... This is the fix for "protocol error" if it doesn't open when double-clicked. :thumbsup:

Dude, that's awesome. Thanks. :thumbsup:


Added the GPX and GDB files, for those who might be interested.

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