Hey COESHOW - Tell us about this 29hp bike!

Mike, I'm sure I read where you said you were making 29hp out of one of your engines!

What all have you got done to that monster? Did it start out as a 150 or 230?

Mikeee P


Yea, it really honks! I was riding it today. It was a perfect day for riding in the San Diego area mountains. It rained Wednesday, so the dirt was awesome.

This latest engine started life as a 150, but when I'm through with them it doesn't really matter as they all end up as 251cc and with mostly CRF230 low end parts.

The biggest part of the equation is in the head and camshaft profile. There is substantial work necessary in the head to allow the engine to make near this much power(29HP). I also have countless hours in developing and testing camshafts, pipes, carbs and other components.

The rest is like any other 4 stroke. Bigger, lighter piston, more compression, bigger carb, better pipe, beefier clutch, race fuel. You've been around. You know the story.

Most people that own these bikes would rather purchase a CRF250 or 450 rather than invest the funds necessary to build an engine like the one mentioned above, and rightfully so.

BUT, some folks will! Most of the people willing to invest in a BBR chassis are also willing to invest in a full house engine too!

I'm going to keep on tinkering. My goal is 30 rear wheel HP. I'm real close.

That is crazy. 30 hp at the wheel from the 230 sohc motor will be crazy.

Think it will have heating issues?

It was a perfect day for riding in the San Diego area mountains.

coeshow, are you in north county or down south?

Man oh man Mike. 29hp and shooting for 30 rear wheel hp. That's really amazing! I mean seriously!

That last hp might be the one that drives you crazy haha

I know from reading your earlier posts about the stock and mod bikes, that you're shooting for gains everywhere in the powerband, not just peak so it looks like a good (great) number. That'd make it easy to ride, but a monster everywhere. One of these days you'll have to show us an actual dyno sheet from that bad boy -vs- the 150 or 230 graph.

Speaking of clutches - any word on what might work? The stocker works pretty well, but I've noticed a little protest out of it lately when riding it really hard. I have stiffer springs to put in - haven't done it yet. Do you think the OEM Honda clutch is the hot ticket, or do you think that an aftermarket clutch is the hot set up? I haven't even checked to see if anyone is making an aftermarket clutch for it yet... I know in the past, I've had a hard time ever finding clutches that were better than the stock Honda stuff as far as longevity and strength. - MP

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