Night Riding

Anybody fitted lights to there pit bike and ride at night , what sort of lighting is safe to wire to a mini without burning any thing out , all pics welcome... :thumbsup:

Ill try and send a pic but I wired in a bicycle head light. I used a night rider its a 20 watt sealed water proof and dose it light up the night I also use a rechargeable light so if any thing goes wrong you still have light to work with or to push with to get you back to the truck. I love night riding

is it possible to wire in a enduro head light which is designed for a full size bike?

i put a battery operated light you would wear around your head (coal minors light) toe around the bar clamp works good its adjustable and very inexpensive :thumbsup:

fanx all for the help

One way to do it would be to wind the stator you have now for lights. Then all you'd need is a regulator (around $15) and a headlight. This is the cheap way to light up the night.

To see how to wind the stator:

This shows it being done on an XR-80 stator but it's the same way on an XR/CRF-50.

Depends on the bike you have. If you have a klx or drx, the stator is already wound and you cna be riding with a 65w light in under an hour. Me and another friend form this board have had a few three hour night sessions. Like, two in the morning terrorizing housing developments in the area. No one can hear us and you can see pretty good.

IMO Baja Designs is the way to go.

Buy a 2 or 3 million candle power spot light from walmart for like 30 bucks and strap it to your machine. It will light up the entire neighborhood for real. Buy an LED light one so it will last "supposively" 80 hours. Then when it runs dead, just recharge it :applause: BAM!

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