knee protection

i just bought a pair of thor quantum knee guards,,,,,,,, :bonk: ,,,im not a rocket scientist but how the hell u suppose to wear them,,,,they fit great til i put my boots on and then ,,,,these guards made for the x-games or what,,,,the half boots is what i figure there for,,,,anyways a 30.00 mistake,,, :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused::bonk::bonk::bonk:


I use this guard. It holds up pretty well and doesn't move around at all even when i crash.


get the fox ones...those work really good....belive me... i crash a lot

thors work really good

I used to wear the type with the shin guards and then when I got some Tech 8 boots they would not fit inside the boot enough to allow the buckles to close. So I didn't wear any knee pads at all. That lasted two rides until last weekend I buggered up my knee. I just got back from ordering the 661's that just cover the knee only. Should work fine. Cost me $25.

I agree with yogi bear.

661s knee only.

Cheers. Boo Boo

i have thor force and they are great i dont even notice they are but the new ones do not have the patella protection that the old style do so im switching to knee braces

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