TE570 / 610/ TE610-E motor differences

Can anyone give me a quick run-through of the differences engine-wise between the 610 and later 570 model variants of the TE?

And whether there were any significant engine differences between the TE610 and the TE610-E? The latter had a larger sump capacity, but was this just down to a larger external (ie. frame based) oil tank?

Thanks! :thumbsup:


I'll tell you what I know and people who know more can add...... I have an '03 TE610E and had an '01 TE400(TE570's little sybling). TE610(576.28cc,98x76.4) is race version with light weight bottom end that is still based on 1980's Husky 2 stroke, with left side kickstart and right side drive. The original Husky 510TE was an aircooled four stroke top end on 500 2 stroke bottom end. This combination is what made it such a lightweight revolution. The engine had no mechanical oil pump, just a reed valve to help oiling. The watercooled 510 and then the 610 would continue to use the reed valve system until some time in the later 1990's when it would gain a mechanical oil pump. I should point out after Cagiva bought Husky from Electrolux, the 2 stroke Huskys became much more Cagiva like while the 4 strokes stayed very much the same as their Swedish ancestors. I was always amazed at how similar my '82 250WR 2 strokes bottom end was to my '01 TE400's. The 610 designation was use through '00 and in '01 it was changed to 570 to more accurately reflect the discplacement. The 570 was different from the 610 more in frame geometry and ergonomics(new frame and plastics) than engine. This engine continues on in the SMR660 that is Husky's S1 class bike in World Championship.

The TE610E and now for '06, simply called the TE610 as there is no need to differentiate dual sport from enduro model. It shares the same, well proven single cam top end as 610 and 570, but has a new since '98 bottom end that was built as a street bike engine from the start. It has two oil pumps, 2 liter oil capacity, one paper filter and two oil screens(610/570 has single screen), a cush drive in clutch basket, counterbalacer, electric start only since '00 and drive on left and is pretty massive compared 610/570. Long winded, but you asked.


Thanks Norman, that was just the info I was after :thumbsup:

For background of why I'm asking this, I'm considering my next tard project, and I'm looking at all sorts of options from getting another DRZ motor and stroking it (my current bike is a bored & cammed DRZ-E), getting something like a SMR570 off the shelf, building a bike based on a TE, waiting for the new aprilia 550, and numerous other things that rattle through my head from time to time.

Just contrasting the TE & TE-E motors, it sounds like the -E motor would be a good streetable motor, and given its same top end design is it a safe assumption that these motors are about as tunable as the regular TE but just with more weight? Or are there significant pumping losses with the additional oil pumps and such that rob a reasonable amount of performance?

The next bike I build I basically want to get about 60hp at the wheel from, so want to consider my platform carefully.



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