my new smoker

dam nice bike!!

The bike is fine...the avatar...yikes!!! Butter face?

I just noticed the time stamp is an hour behind. I've never noticed that before. Is it just a day-light savings thing, or glitch, or nothing.

Looking good!

what kind of graphics are they, there really nice and im really interested.

i wana ride it :thumbsup::thumbsup:

ya ..I think I was in the wrong time zone

Gorgeous..... what a beautiful two-smoke. I have never ridden a YZ250 but I hear they are the best engines going for 250's. I have ridden 4-strokes and as much as i love them I prefer a 2-stroke... so much more fun.

I just addeda 9oz flywheel weight to my KX250 after reading as much as I could find on the subject. I wanted my bike to feel like a 250 but wanted to take the scary part away. I love the grunt of my bike but I'm not throttle master.... the fww took that scary uncertain feeling away from my bike and its explosive acceleration in the lower gears...... it's still the same explosive power but somehow more controllable.

I really suggest looking into one for your bike. Best thing I ever did to mine. It'll pull harder, stall less, start easier and you'll last longer on the bike before getting tired because there will be less fighting the bike when going fast.

braaap! i love the feel of a 2-stroke's powerband.

Can I sleep with it? :thumbsup: It is a thing of beauty :thumbsup:

what do you like more that or your 450?

pffff...are you kiddin me 450 was an old mans bike compared to this thing I rode it hard today and was able to go faster within my first 2 laps ...light, nimble and the suspension was ridiculous!!!!it stoped better ,cornered better ...I could go on and on...

never ride a 4 stroke again.....untill I turn 50 ...maybe(no offense to all you thumpers out there)but once you learn how to grasp the powerband ....yikes ,it works with ya so nice the gas everywhere instead of brapppin the throttle coasting then brappin it again on the way still pretty pumped I will stop rambleing

..ya the bike rocks

:thumbsup: Nice Bike! I was going to get the exact same.

Those are some big ass titties.

Bike looks great. :thumbsup:

Wow dude, that is a really nice bike. two strokes are wicked fun.

Nice graphics too!!

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