Enduro video

that is a pretty cool video, where was it!!!


that is a pretty cool video, where was it!!!

Somewhere in Europe

looks like fun :thumbsup::thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Nice video, makes me want to go out and get a Husky

It was from last yeas World Championship. The last minutes was from sweden/H

That number 9 guy is fast!!!

Wow, that is some skill. They make it look effortless.


What was that... Husky day? :thumbsup:

why is the video so jumpy and choppy when I play it on windows media?

Vid makes a great Husky ad. Excellent riding and terrain.

That number 9 guy is fast!!!

I beleve this is Anders Eriksson - world champion, Husky factory rider.

some guys make it look so easy...............

Yea, the guy on the yellow and blue bike hauled butt! :thumbsup:

Those dudes were bookin! :thumbsup:


I dig the completely out of control but in total control riding style.

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