717 Woodland Sunday 4/9

Any one wanna Join me?

I was wanting to ride there tomorrow, but I got roped into riding Capt. Jacks. Rode with Dolph from COHVCO today at Pueblo (GOOD TIMES!) and he was saying 717 was pretty clear except for shady spots. If you get no response, come to Jack's. Looking to break the Mt. Rosa trail. :thumbsup: Gonna start between 9 and 10.

Hey Guys--

New to the area, interested in riding today-- and I'm ready to go.

Where are you meeting for this and when?

Do you have directions from the Springs?




Woodland Park/717/Divide Trail System: Hwy 24 west to W.P. Stay on 24 towards Divide. At the next light (on the hill), take right (Trout Creek Rd). Follow for ~4 miles to trailhead.

Capt. Jack's: Hwy 24 to 26th St. Turns into Gold Camp Road. Follow up till you see parking area.

hey DrtBkr ( forgot your name already...),

I didn't make the connection when we were on the trail-- I was the guy on the 650L. I looked at your plate and had some recognition, but was too excited to be riding to put any thought into thinking I knew you!

Nice riding with you and Travis. Next time I'll have the right bike on the job. Awesome day though! Thanks for letting me tag along.

Got stuck on the downed tree on the way back. Took a while to get the beast over it. Got a little help from the MTB'ers then had a new line to make it over the tree! Whew.

Take it easy-- let me know whenever you want to go ride.

Kyle Weaver

303 552 2468

Hey Kyle, it was good getting to ride with you, too. Don't feel bad, I didn't recognize you from your avatar, either. :thumbsup: You made that 650L look real good with the conditions. We were impressed. It was quite the adventure after you turned around. Travis (Twstagrip here on TT (not that he ever 'Thumps his Talk')) has a goal of being the first rider to break trail to the top. The very next snow field was a doosy. But, Travis had stashed a shovel up there. He used it. About 30 feet of shoveling and packing snow so we could get to the top. It took some effort, but, we succeeded. After, we rode Gold Camp to Hwy. 67 into Divide. Ate some lunch at the pizza place on the corner, and went on over to the 717 Trails. Rode that loop. Went into Woodland Park to gas up. Got on Rampart Range Road and rode that through Garden of the Gods to end back where we started in the Springs this morning 8 hours and 128 miles later. It was a great day. :thumbsup:


Here are some pics (very bad quality, but you get the idea) of Travis shoveling our way to the top:





I was the picture taker/snow-packer-downer guy. I was the first to try getting up on the ledge Travis made, but only succeeded in burying the front and falling into the water puddle that you can't see in front of the WR in the top photo. The bike was on top of me, spewing gas; and all Travis could do is laugh out loud while I soaked up half the puddle. Good Times!

Ray B, did you ride woodland park? What were the conditions like?

Much snow?

Thanks :thumbsup:

MMMMM PEERRRfect...(in catwoman voice) :thumbsup:

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