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DR250 '99 First gear/ Neutral problems

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Hey guys,

Wow my first post and it comes with a question :thumbsup:

I recently bought my first bike, a 1999 DR250 (rx?)

the bikes great, but im a beginner and getting used to everything and still havent racked it!

I have a lot of mates who give me help with it and everything, and when we first started it up, and i took it for a ride, first gear would not select!!!!!!!!!

When you push down through the gears to get to first say like from second, neutral instead gets selected! Then after about 10 taps down you finally get to access first gear (if it dont jump out again :thumbsup: )

Then when its infirst and you lift up to get neutral, it doesnt engage it until you push down gear again! i know how to work the gears, ive riden before (not much but still...) and my mates agreed there was definantly a problem there! So i jumped on my mates dr250 (97 model) and it was perfect!

Would this be a detent spring or a bent shifter or such?

The bikes great. getting used to riding it and overcome my fears is a problem ill get over. scared that im going to give it too much gas and loose control and with ruts i accidentally give it gas, its a laugh but still havent laid it over!!

This forums great too, so much info on one site, ive been reading everything and going and trying it, and today actually gained the courage to pop the wheel over a 2 foot wide log and did it!!!!

Dont mind my name, ive crossed over from cars to atv's to bikes, and my chat name is my personalised number plate. Cars got to expensive, and atvs are too boring, but this definantly takes the cake! i'd be out riding now if my front type didnt pinch from a leaking valve! 1 day to go until im back on the trail again.

Sorry for dribbling on, but im stoked at how much fun it is, you will find me asking numerous questions in the off road teq section later on lol.

Thanks all.


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Maybe you've already tried this, but anyway...

To get it into first easier you could slowly roll forward. Not to fast, but just a tad...

Sice bikes have non-syncronised gearboxes that may help, especially if you have a worn gearbox.


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Yeah we checked it out today and theres a fair bit of slop in the selector, when you push it in, it will shift down with the problem, but hold it out and push down and it acts normal. hoping its just a worn bush, rang the dealer who is more than happy to fix it for me, so i'm now happy :thumbsup:

Also, they said the clutch was replaced, but ive adjusted the cable on the lever all the way out, and with the rear of the bike off the ground in first it still kicks over the wheel with the clutch in, and speeds up with revs, when you sit it back on the ground with the clutch in it doesnt run on, is there adjustment on the clutch housiing?

And i have an annoying stalling problem, where, when just riding along, you put the clutch in and coast for about 20 meters, and then give it some throttle with the clutch in, and it stalls, could this be a worn jet making it flood?

And LAST question i promise lol, Does anyone know where i can find a kick start back up kit or a kick start to add as a back up? just that its not nice just having single electric start and being stuk in the bush with no hills to roll start for instance.

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yeah like klas just replied you have to rock most bikes back and forward to find neutral or even helps just changing gears(when not running) its just a good habit to move the bike to change gear when engine is not going

but as i have the same bike i know they are a little clunky

in the gears

keep good oil up to it

i have done 10000k's in 5 years and has not missed a beat

not many k's but still been reliable

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